hbase scan中匪夷所思的SingleColumnValueFilter和COLUMNS

 201206        730    201206730
 201206        731    201206731
 201207        730    201207730
 201207        731    201207731
 201207        732    201207732
让我们将数据导入hbase(测试环境Version 0.94.3, r1408904)
// select TIME_ID, AREA_ID, INDEX1 from test_row_key where TIME_ID = 201206 and AREA_ID = 730
// 应该返回1行数据
scan 'test_row_key', {COLUMNS => ['cf:TIME_ID','cf:AREA_ID','cf:INDEX1'], FILTER => "(SingleColumnValueFilter('cf', 'TIME_ID', =, 'binary:201206')) AND (SingleColumnValueFilter('cf', 'AREA_ID', =, 'binary:730'))" }
// select AREA_ID, INDEX1          from test_row_key where TIME_ID = 201206 and AREA_ID = 730
// 返回2行数据??
scan 'test_row_key', {COLUMNS => ['cf:AREA_ID','cf:INDEX1'],              FILTER => "(SingleColumnValueFilter('cf', 'TIME_ID', =, 'binary:201206')) AND (SingleColumnValueFilter('cf', 'AREA_ID', =, 'binary:730'))" }
// select INDEX1                   from test_row_key where TIME_ID = 201206 and AREA_ID = 730
// 返回2行数据??
scan 'test_row_key', {COLUMNS => ['cf:INDEX1'],                           FILTER => "(SingleColumnValueFilter('cf', 'TIME_ID', =, 'binary:201206')) AND (SingleColumnValueFilter('cf', 'AREA_ID', =, 'binary:730'))" }


改为SingleColumnValueExcludeFilter, 这时只会返回除开AREA_ID和TIME_ID的字段, 但记录数是对的

HBase JIRA中有人对这种匪夷所思的行为产生的质疑

只有当COLUMNS中包含SingleColumnValueFilter提到的字段时, SingleColumnValueFilter才有效的


SingleColumnValueFiltershould be able to find the column value even when it's not specifically addedas input on the scan.

Wheneverapplying a SingleColumnValueFilter to a Scan that has specific columns as it'sinput (but not the column to be checked in the Filter), the Filter won't beable to find the value that it should be checking.

Forexample, let's say we want to do a scan, but we only need COLUMN_2 columns.Furthermore, we only want rows that have a specific value for COLUMN_1. Usingthe following code won't do the trick:
Scan scan = new Scan();
SingleColumnValueFilter filter = new SingleColumnValueFilter(FAMILY, COLUMN_1,CompareOp.EQUAL, TEST_VALUE);


However,we can make it work when specifically also adding the tested column as an inputcolumn:

Is this by design?Personally I think that adding a filter with columns tests should not botherthe user to check that it's also on the input. It is prone to bugs.



Itsby design. High-level in the Scan object you say what you are interested in andthen the filter works against the Scan specification.



Whenusing this filter on a Scan with specified inputs, the column to be testedshould also be added as input (otherwise the filter will regard the column asmissing).


于是作者写了一个新的SingleColumnValueExcludeFilter,用于做单列的值过滤, 但是不查询出这个列的值

Add a new Filter thatchecks a single column value but does not emit it.

A Filter that checks a single column value,but does not emit the tested column. This will enable a performance boost overSingleColumnValueFilter, if the tested column value is not actually needed asinput (besides for the filtering itself).

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